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Remote Viewing Yearly Fee (NON-REFUNDABLE)



The remote viewing fee is a re-occurring fee which allows you to monitor your cameras remotely via smart phone and computers.  This provides you with a web address and a login to view your system securely.

At Privacy Electronics, we sell camera surveillance security equipment which integrates with your internet service provider(s) and their equipment (routers/modems). If there are any changes on your router/modem and/or service providers end, then a networking and programming fee will be charged to program those devices to sync back with your camera surveillance system.

$5.00 per month/ $60.00 per year (State Sales tax is not included)

The billing/operational cycle is from the first day until the last day of each month. If a customer desires to cancel Consulting Services, this cancellation must be provided to Privacy Electronics in writing by creating a support ticket at http://privacyelectronics.com/support/create-support-ticket/ within 15 Business days prior to the last day of the month. If this cancellation is not received by this time, the cost for the entire upcoming months will be due. Remote Viewing Consulting Services Plans are non-refundable. The Consulting Services termination is not completed until you receive a termination approval via email from our support team. To check your termination status simply go to http://privacyelectronics.com/support/create-support-ticket/ and login with your email as your username and password. If you forget your password go to https://privacyelectronics.com/my-account/lost-password/ to reset your password.

1. Put your router on a surge protector to help protect against lightning/power surges. Please note that these are not protective measures but not 100% guaranteed to protect your router/modem.

*To prevent any disruption in remote viewing, please contact Privacy Electronics before changing anything with your modem/router and/or service provider. Listed below are some things that will disrupt your remote viewing capability for your cameras. When remote viewing is disrupted then Privacy Electronics will have to re-program your modem/router and internet service provider equipment. Please note that Privacy Electronics does not sell modem/routers and internet services. Therefore, a programming charge will apply.

*Please note that we do NOT sell routers and/or internet services. If there are any changes on your router and/or service providers end, then a re-networking fee will be charged to re-program those devices to sync back with your surveillance system. This is not extended warranty for any product/consulting services purchased from Privacy Electronics.

We recommend that you DO NOT:
1. Change out the modem/router
2. RESET any settings on the modem/router
3. Disconnect any cables which connect to the modem/router
4. Go into the router and change settings
5. Touch the network settings in the Camera System
6. Disconnect power for long periods on the modem/router as some systems will go back to a factory default settings.


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