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24-7 CCTV Monitoring Back in Action

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe United Kingdom is home to a great many things, like colonialism and modern boxing. However, it is also home to one of the finest CCTV security surveillance systems in the world, with many small towns and large cities using several cameras to monitor activity and reduce crime. Several criminals and delinquents have been caught on the CCTV security surveillance cameras employed by these cities, leading to many more arrests than we saw previously. And now, after a brief and temporary discontinuance, the town of Stratford in the UK will be able to return to their previous system of 24 hour monitoring of all their CCTV security surveillance cameras.

In order to cut down costs, the managers and supervisors of Stratford’s town council decided thay they would reduce the monitoring of the town’s 87 cameras; the cameras would still be recording, but no one would be watching the cameras at all times to see if there was any kind of criminal activity. Guards and monitors would have to look back on the cameras at a later time to see what happened. This cut in monitoring may have saved the town about $100,000, but the plan itself received harsh criticism from many residents, individuals, and business owners who only want to feel safe at home. The budget cut could not have come at a worse time; the town also had to cut the number of police officers that were patrolling the streets, reducing safety further.

Many smaller political foot holdings within the town, such as he likes of Stratford Town Council and Bidford Parish Council, have already made the decision to contribute $33,000 of the money it would take to reinstate the 24 hours a day monitoring. The District Council’s Technical Services chief, Mike Brain, also stated that the Stanford Town Trust had agreed to pay for the remaining $19,000 to reinstate the 24 hours a day monitoring.

Mike Brain, the town’s Technical Safety supervisor, said that many officers and smaller political groups contributed money towards reinstating the 24/7 monitoring of the CCTV security surveillance cameras. Unfortunately, however, the Warwickshire Police would not be able to contribute to the overall cost because of ‘budgetary constraints’. There were already some layoffs performed recently, which, coupled with the temporary discontinuance of the 24 hours a day monitoring, had many in Stratford feeling unsafe in their own home town, and who could blame them? However, with the 24 hours a day monitoring being reinstated, everyone from the average Joe to the highest of business partners would be able to breathe a little easier with knowledge that the town they love is watching out for them in every way.

Brain said: “The district council can no longer afford to monitor, maintain and run the district’s CCTV operation 24/7, although we still have been recording full time with monitoring at crucial times. Officers and I have been working with a number of partners and interested parties to find a suitable solution. Residents, business and visitors alike all benefit from the CCTV cameras, they are a valuable community safety resource that provides peace of mind and reassurance and it is only right that partners contribute to this service. CCTV provides useful evidence to enforcement agencies and is an integral part of our public safety provision. We are almost there and need to find an additional £20,000 in order to restore the full time monitoring.”

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